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Putting All Our Focus On Your New Business Development
Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting Craigie Business Support. We’re a proven appointment setting agency and we take the pain out of your new business development strategy.

I guess the reason you’re here is because you recognise that cold calling is an essential part of your new business development strategy But cold calling is something you don't want to do, are not very good at, or have better things to do with your time. But it’s a really important process of new business development and frankly you know it's got to be done.
So that’s where CBS comes in.

We opened our doors in 2012 and have now developed a unique service creating pre-qualified appointments for businesses. There you have it, the solution to your Cold Calling necessity.

Our service is proven, we deliver quantifiable results and your return on investment with us will be pretty impressive too!

We’ve been doing this successfully for over 5 years and in that time we’ve developed unique insights into the art of cold calling. We can help you identify the best contact list for your project, craft client specific tailored presentations, develop effective closing incentives and provide targetted follow up programmes.

Our clients are varied and include Commercial Finance Brokers, Team Building Experts, Specialist Façade & Cladding Guys, IT Specialists, and many more besides and with testimonials that prove the quality of our service and delivery.

But its what we can do for you that matters...
We're happy to chat about how we can help so why not pick up the phone; we’ll prove all our claims and help you develop an effective cold calling campaign.
For more information and a no obligation discussion, call us on 01835 840679 or e-mail Jan@craigiebusinesssupport.co.uk